Winter 2013

For Sale: Vehicle identification plate including reverse stamping. £20.00 per plate.
Wiring Loom Lables 50p each

By post, send money & S.A.E. to Ken Skillern,. Brendon View, Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton, Pershore, Worcs. WR10 2AJ
By PayPal send me the detailsvia emailand I will take care of post and packaging and send you a PayPal request form.

You can contact ken on 01905 841296 or email,
Sorry about the increase in price but latest plates cost more and vat is now 20%


Wanted: Any video tapes or DVD recordingsof 1600E Owner's Club Rallies over the years - the older the better! I have the 1990 National video made by Mrs Humphreys but othere would be appreciated.
I will pay costs/postage e.t.c. Contact G. Young at
Thank You

Wanted: Full set of ORIGINAL carpets for series II 1600E in Black.
Must be in good condition.
Graham Beck (Sheffield) 0114 2587935 (


MK II Cortina Hood Stay in polished Stainless Steel. Exact replica of original with nothing to go rusty, plus free grommet with every stay

£10 + £450 P & P
Remanufactured Disc Pad Covers in polished Stainless Steel for Lotus, GT & 1600E.
Exact replica of original.
£10 per pair + £3.50 P & P
Remanufactured 1600E Driving Lamp Lens as per original £35 per pair + £5.00 P & P
Send Cheque of PO Order to :- Jim Payton. 51 Elderberry Close, Langdon Hills. Essex. SS16 6RL
Or Telephone:- 01268 413171



Vehicle Identification Plates £4.50
Reverse Stamping £10.00
Wiring Loom Lables 50p each
Send money & S.A.E. to Ken Skillern, Brendon View, Walcot Lane, Drakes Broughton, Pershore, Worcs. WR10 2AJ
You can also contact Ken on 01905 841296 or e-mail

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